Submission guidelines

Please note that we are currently unable to offer payment for submissions, however we are more than happy to help you with promotion. When submitting, please include a short biography (up to 30 words) about yourself along with any links you would like us to host.

  • English language only.
  • Word count: up to 3,000. Please display your word count on the first page of your submission, rounded up to the nearest hundred.
  • All pieces must be titled and must bear an author name. You do not have to provide your real name, but you must provide something.
  • Please use a monospaced typeface (e.g. Courier) and double-spaced lines.
  • We accept short horror fiction only. It may contain elements from other genres, but the primary theme must be horror.
  • We do not accept poetry or serials.
  • We will only accept submissions as email attachments in .txt, .rtf, .doc, or .docx file formats.
  • Submissions must be original, previously unpublished work (this includes personal blogs), and the person submitting must be the sole author of the work. We are not interested in stories that clearly derive from copyrighted mainstream fiction.

You retain full creative rights on all pieces you submit. However, we do ask that you refrain from publishing elsewhere for at least the duration of the issue in which the piece is featured (three months from the publication date).

All material will be evaluated in as timely a fashion as volume allows. You will be notified by email as soon as your work has been reviewed.

Send submissions to: